RoadBump is available as free and paid versions through the Google Play Store. The free version allows you to verify that the app works properly on your device. It allows you to record a path and review the resulting map and graphs. The paid version (RoadBump Pro) adds in the following features that professionals need:

  • Ability to save and manage recordings on your device
  • Ability to move data to a PC via email, Google drive or Dropbox
  • Ability to save a portion of a recording as a separate recording

RoadBump Highlights:

* RoadBump Pro only.

RoadBump is a tool for road maintenance and engineering professionals to get objective road roughness data (expressed as estimated IRI) that previously was available only through very high cost inertial profilers. RoadBump provides objective data on all types of roads (asphalt, concrete, dirt, gravel…).

RoadBump uses your Android device's GPS and accelerometer to measure the roughness of a road. It displays a map of the road that was measured, and allows you to zoom in to measure any part of the traveled path. RoadBump produces estimated IRI graphs as a moving average or in segment lengths that you specify (such as .1 mile or km). An accelerometer graph shows individual bumps, dips and waves.

RoadBump is extremely easy to use. Simply press the giant Start button, drive the road what you want to measure at normal speeds and then press the giant Stop button. Road data is gathered and held on the device so a network connection is not required.

​Measure the roughness of a road with your phone's GPS and accelerometer sensors