Arkansas Hwy 5
Pine Bluff Test Track​

The state of Arkansas has a test track near Pine Bluff, AR. The track has 700 foot sections of asphalt and concrete. In April, 2015, RoadBump was used to make multiple recordings of both sections at varying speeds. The overall results for the asphalt and concrete sections were within 3% of the true (state measured) IRI. 

Use the link below to view the Pine Bluff test results.

In March, 2015, RoadBump was used to record a 19 mile stretch of highway in central Arkansas. This section of road had recently been measured by the Arkansas Highway Department using their ARAN van. The results from the RoadBump test showed a tight correlation in the IRI graphs and achieved an overall IRI rating within 2% of true with no section being off more than 7.5%.

Use these links to view the test results in metric or US units of measure.

Testing Results