Accelerometer Rate

Latest Enhancements

RoadBump now allows you to select between accelerometer rates. The faster the accelerometer runs, the more accurate the results are. Roadbump will record up to 500,000 accelerometer readings per recording.

Fastest uses your device's accelerometer at its fastest rate to maximize the accuracy of the roughness being recorded. If your device records readings at a rate of 200 times per second, the fastest setting will provide more than 40 minutes of recording time.

Normal steps down your accelerometer rate to its 2nd fastest setting. Accuracy is still very good at 50 events per second, recording times can exceed 2.5 hours.

IRI Calculation

RoadBump now offers 3 ways of calculating IRI:

Raw – no adjustment is made to the IRI calculations. This tends to provide a narrower range of IRI results and the overall IRI tends to be about 10% lower than the Normal calculation type. 

Normal – the range of IRI results are expanded – the highs are higher and the lows are lower. Testing has shown that this setting produces the most accurate results on normal roads. 

Hybrid – this method was added when we found recordings of exceptionally smooth roads brought the IRI calculation down too low. This method of calculating IRI makes the highs higher (like the Normal setting), but does not adjust the lower results. This is best suited for very smooth roads.