RoadBump utilizes Google Maps and your devices GPS sensor, and writes recorded paths to your SD card. For this reason the following Android permissions are required:
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – allows use of GPS sensor
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – stores path recordings and caching for Google Maps
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – Google Maps requirement to determine whether or not maps can be downloaded
INTERNET – used by Google Maps to download map tiles from Google Maps servers

Android Permissions

Grimmer Software does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. The only personally identifiable data we collect is location information needed to allow the RoadBump application to function. The location data collected in RoadBump is stored on your device’s SD card (external memory) and is visible to other apps. This is done to allow you to access the data from a PC with a USB cable.

Privacy Policy